Our Expertise

Over 45,000 apartment units and 15 million square feet of
commercial space owned and managed historically

Hayman Acquisitions

Hayman Company specializes in acquiring high-quality, income-producing properties as well as in transforming properties which have not achieved their full performance potential.  While we are nationwide in scope, we focus primarily on carefully selected geographic areas where market conditions have proven most favorable and where our unique management resources can be best utilized.

Our well-respected analysis and evaluation of prospective property acquisitions determine the extent and nature of any needed upgrading and maintenance, as well as operating changes required to achieve maximum income potential of the property.  We can offer an innovative and creative purchase program, allowing the private or institutional investor to obtain the maximum property value and return on investment.

Northland Passage, Kansas City, MO
Northland Passage, Kansas City, MO


With a well-balanced portfolio of income producing real estate spanning the country, Hayman Company brings a unique, national perspective to each transaction or assignment. This brand awareness helps us to look beyond regional trends to make progressive decisions that add long-term value for clients.

The Pines of Cloverlane,, Ypsilanti, MI
The Pines of Cloverlane,, Ypsilanti, MI

Repositioning Strategies

Hayman Company specializes in recasting properties to meet market demand and enhance returns. We have reestablished once troubled properties into profitable assets through agile management, construction completion, capital and tenant improvements, and innovative marketing and leasing techniques with a focus on adding value to the rent roll and overall property brand. The end objective is to turn value added assets into core assets.