Our Expertise

Over 45,000 apartment units and 15 million square feet of
commercial space owned and managed historically

Brokerage Services

Hayman Company is one of the most active and productive providers of commercial brokerage services.  Our team of professionals are experts in Landlord Representation, Tenant Representation and Property Dispositions.

We offer clients the highest level of service and profit-oriented marketing techniques.  These services are designed to maximize exposure to the marketplace.  As with property management, our decades of brokerage experience assures clients of integrity, foresight, and the viable completion of each transaction.







Landlord Representation

The primary challenge for any commercial property owner is to maximize both occupancy and rates.  It’s not as simple as negotiating a lease or sending out an online advertisement there are many market challenges to understand and consider when developing a marketing and leasing strategy.  Hayman will formulate a custom tailored marketing plan that ensures your properties will receive maximum exposure through aggressive marketing techniques, a results oriented philosophy, and a commitment to providing each listing with the tools needed to fill your vacancies.

  • Market Analysis & Research
  • Direct Canvassing & Cold Calling
  • Consultation
  • Online Commercial Listing Placement
  • Portfolio Evaluation
  • Broker E-mail Broadcast Program
  • In-House Development of Brochure & Website
  • Regular Activity Reporting to Ownership
  • Prominent Visible Signage
Identify client’s short and long term objectives
Evaluate asset(s) pros and cons in relation to competing properties
Analyze market to determine target audience
Implement comprehensive marketing plan in order to attract user demand and maximize both rental values and occupancy levels
Conduct property tours that highlight building amenities
Qualify prospective tenants
Manage the documentation and negotiation process
Lease agreement executed and rent payment commences


Discounts and incentives provided by a Landlord to help entice a prospect to sign a lease, such as free rent and tenant improvement contributions

Additional Rent

Other changes associated with a lease, such as base year increases, property taxes, insurance, common area maintenance, utilities, janitorial, etc.

Base Rent

The highest rent a tenant is willing to pay and the lowest rent a landlord is willing to receive for a vacancy.

Tenant Representation

Options, Leverage and Savings

Is it time for your firm to renew its lease? Expand? Consolidate locations? In today’s complicated business environment, it is essential that you engage a Hayman Company advisor to evaluate your real estate needs. The Hayman Company is comprised of real estate professionals whose years of experience create a significant advantage in negotiating upon your behalf. As Tenant representatives, Hayman conducts all the research and analysis necessary to present you with the options most favorable to your firm, and to put you in control of the transaction.

Why do I need a Hayman Tenant Representative?

Tenant representation assures your interests are advanced which allows you to focus on your core business. The role of a Hayman Tenant Representative is to save your company money by negotiating on behalf of your best interests. Beyond rent, your representative will review pass throughs, base year, the type of lease (net, gross, full service, etc.), Tenant improvement dollars, free rent, load factor and other “non-rent” clauses that have a huge impact on the occupancy cost. This assures that your company receives the most competitive lease terms available in the marketplace. Best of all, retaining a Hayman advisor is at no cost to you since our professional services are traditionally paid by the real estate holder.

How much lead time is necessary?

Market conditions, the size and complexity of the transaction, and option notice dates can help determine when to begin the process of relocation. Time should be your ally during negotiations with any Landlord. Landlords know that other buildings you’re considering will most likely have to create a space plan, get construction pricing, agree on a rental rate, prepare and execute a lease document, apply for construction permits and prepare the space for occupancy. A tenant that waits is telling the Landlord they are not considering any other options and giving the Landlord the upper hand